Forecast: April 2018

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Now that deliveries are coming in thick and fast and we're finally settling down to life in Derby, we have decided to write a post like this each month letting you know what we should be getting in.

More than likely we will be wrong each month - that or we will forget after a couple of months to carry on writing the posts, but for now you can see what's to come in this April to the Article Clothing towers.

First up, we have those super-swanky hand-made shoes from Yogi. Ideal footwear for those pub garden sessions this summer. We even wrote about their history for you that don't know about them.

Carrying on the footwear theme...the German giants Birkenstock are delivering in their Spring/Summer 2018 "Concrete Pack" to us. 

Then we move onto a bit of French-goodness from Maison Labiche. Full of squiggly embroidered quotes on their t-shirts, sweats and shirts, but in a sophisticated way. If that sells it? If not, here's one of their rugged looking French models in one of their sweaters...

Maison Labiche SS18

We've also got our second drop from London's M.C. Overalls SS18 collection. Carrying on the pastel theme, we've got their Poly Cotton Coach Jacket and Snap Shirt coming in this "baby blue" theme as it was called when we were kids. Now it's just "light blue"...

M.C. Overalls

There will be more, probably a lot more. Shorts...short sleeve shirts...caps...sunnies...but we don't want get too excited about summer just yet. Keep an eye on our newsletter and Instagram for delivery updates.

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